Last week in Fairfield, we saw the trio of Wildcat Chris Harris, Tri-State Champion The Mercenary, and Lord Crewe try to use their gang-like tactics against new Unified Champion David Tyler.

Thankfully, Jesse Hyde was there to even up the odds a little. But three against two is still a lopsided matchup.

So, when Legendary Larry D showed up - with the strength of three men himself - the fans in attendance at the UAW Hall went crazy. The anticipation for what Larry D will do caused quite a buzz in the crowd.

Wildcat Chris Harris stood toe to toe with him, though, not flinching and not afraid. Next time we're in Fairfield, on July 16th, we will see Crewe and Mercenary team up to take on David Tyler and Jesse Hyde . . . but Larry D will be in their corner to keep an eye on Wildcat.

Who knows what will happen when these big personalities clash? Be there to find out on July 16th in Fairfield!