Kyron VS NWF

KYRON has run absolutely roughshod over the NWF for almost a year. At FanFest 9, he lost a match to The Genuine Superstar Anthony Bryant - absolutely convinced that Bryant had a loaded boot. When it was discovered that there was no weapon in the boot, KYRON went crazy, attacking special guest referee Wildcat Chris Harris.

From there things only got more intense. KYRON started verbally - and sometimes physically - accosting security guards, production personnel, referees, and even NWF CEO Nate Pelley.

Last month in Fairfield he gave Pelley a beating so severe that he missed last week's event. Roger Ruffen, the owner of the NWF, has finally had enough. He can no longer ignore the actions of KYRON nor will he tolerate anyone bad-mouthing the only thing more important to him than his family.

Ruffen made a match for July 9th at Western Sports Mall between KYRON and NWF Legend Stamp Lickage and upon hearing that news, KYRON attacked Ruffen and left him laying in the ring in Fairfield.

Will Stamp finally put an end to KYRON's trail of terror? Be at the Western Sports Mall on July 9th to find out!