T-Money and The Enterprise?

Recently, Samson made his return to the NWF - but with a new name. He no longer wants to be called SAMSON; that's the name he was given. But his real name - William W. Walker - is how he wants to be known. He won't be held down by anyone else. He has the money to do what he wants. And he has formed THE ENTERPRISE with Lexus Montez and the stunningly dangerous Ayoka.

But he's still missing one thing.

He wants an insurance policy and so he has sought the professional services of T-Money. He has provided T-Money with a contract, which Money did take in Fairfield and was seen thumbing through it.

This Saturday night at BoneKrushers we'll hear from T-Money and see just exactly what he intends to do. Will he join THE ENTERPRISE, putting money ahead of integrity . . . or not?

Be there Saturday night at 8pm to find out!