Angel, Kirk Sheppard and The Every Day Players

There is strength in numbers and Angel found out the hard way when The Every Day Players reunited last Saturday in Fairfield.

Several months ago, Angel announced that he was stepping away from the ring due to personal and health reasons. At that same time, KYRON was running rampant across the NWF. He was insulting the fans, the wrestlers, and the NWF itself.

Kirk Sheppard, who most people know as the Manager of Champions, took exception to KYRON's statements and actions. He, along with the Every Day Players, stood up to KYRON to the point where things got physical. KYRON attacked NWF CEO Nate Pelley and Sheppard prompting a visiting Angel to intervene.

But this stuck in the crawl of Sheppard.

During a match between KYRON and Angel, Sheppard betrayed the popular NWF Original and hit him with his baseball bat, driving a barbed wire steel chair into his face. Sheppard claimed that the people didn't appreciate what he had been doing to fight KYRON. He said they still booed him and that the people didn't appreciate him. He said you were either with him or against him.

Last month, he demanded that the Every Day Players make a choice. At first, it seemed both members of the squad were walking out on Sheppard, leaving him in the ring to face the music when Angel came to the ring. But Brody Cormick came back and sided with Sheppard, attacking not only Angel but Big League, as well.

That led to a series of matches between Cormick and League at BoneKrushers. Cormick won the first; Big League the second but even in his victory, Cormick and Sheppard showed that there is strength in numbers by attacking him after the bell and leaving him laying.

Last Saturday, Big League was in the corner of Angel. Sheppard took his normal place in the corner of Cormick. The match was all Angel, who bounced Cormick off the ring and the floor, chopping him to the fan's delight. Eventually, Sheppard grabbed his baseball bat and got involved. His plans were foiled, though, and it appeared that the two on two scenario would go the way of Angel and Big League . . .

But to everyone's surprise, Big League worked with Cormick - just like old times - to deliver their finishing move to Angel and helping Cormick score the pinfall. The Every Day Players are back together.

Angel, though, is now on the hunt. There may be strength in numbers but Angel has the entirety of the NWF Army behind him. And I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of those odds.