NWF Title Picture

Lots of intrigue last weekend in Fairfield, especially in the NWF title picture.

As you know, Virus cashed in his golden ticket at THUNDERdome and defeated an exhausted Nasty Russ to become the NWF Champion. He had help, of course, from the NWF's Junior Referee, Pompano Joe.

Joe, banned from wrestling in Fairfield, after losing a match to Nasty Russ several months ago used his new position as a referee to cheat Nasty Russ out of the NWF Title.

This caused Russ to go on the warpath last month, assaulting Pompano Joe several times in and out of the ring in Fairfield. Pompano Joe demanded that Nasty Russ be suspended for putting his hands on an official; NWF Officials had no choice but to agree with this and were about to suspend the former NWF Champion.

But Nasty Russ came up with a compromise. If he would sign on the dotted line so that Pompano Joe could once again wrestle in Fairfield, Joe would drop his suspension demand for Russ. Russ did have some conditions, though.

Pompano could wrestle in Fairfield, even on that very event, but Russ got to pick his opponent. Also, Pompano would be Russ's opponent at FanFest on August 13th. And that match would be a LOSER LEAVES THE NWF match!

Pompano agreed and found out that his opponent would be none other than ICE! Ice, of course, was put on the shelf by Pompano after the NWF's twentieth anniversary show when Joe destroyed Ice's knee, requiring surgery. Joe was able to squeak by Ice but not without using the powder.

Fast forward to the main event of Fairfield last Saturday. Russ had Virus covered for a sure-pin but Pompano Joe ran out and pulled referee Brian Barton from the ring. Joe was about to hit Russ with a chair when Ice made the save. However, shockingly Ice attacked Nasty Russ and rejoined his long-time partner, Virus, and screamed out "INFECTION!" showing where his alliance actually was.

Virus was able to win the match and retain his title with the help of both Pompano Joe and Ice. And after the match, the three of them began to attack Russ. Things did not look good.

And then Titan showed up.

Titan took out all three men and stood tall with Russ in the middle of the ring holding the NWF Title above his head in what was a visual symbol of his message to Virus that he was after the belt - and Virus.

So, where do we go from here? We know that Nasty Russ vs. Pompano Joe is already signed for FanFest and it will be LOSER LEAVES THE NWF! What will Ice's return mean for Virus's title reign? When will Titan get his shot at the NWF Title?

Don't miss a minute of the action because if you do you miss a lot!