Results from SPOOKtacular

In the Fairfield Pizza Bonus Match: Lexus Montez, Crazzy Edd, and the Swingers defeated Dustin Jobs, Jesse Hyde, Trice, and Sgt. Herzog when Ayoka got involved.  After the match, Trice attacked his partner, Sgt. Herzog, and left him laying.


Ayoka once again went on a rant against NWF Ladies Champion Sin D.  Big Mama came out and gave an inspiring speech about the legend of Sin D prompting Ayoka to attack her.  Big Mama got back up and clotheslined Ayoka before Montez pulled her to safety.


The Mercenary Anthony Bryant defeated Stewie Stags with the help of Wildcat Chris Harris.  Dustin Jobs ran out to make the save.


Brandon Fields defeated Mr. Reality Check.  Afterwards, Reality Check attacked Fields.  These two will go head to head in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match at NWF DOMINANCE!


KYRON was disqualified for choking Unified Champion David Tyler after he could not defeat him.  Larry D came out to help Tyler.


Tri-State Champion Larry D defeated Ricky Cardinal by DQ when KYRON interfered.  As Cardinal and KYRON attacked Larry D, David Tyler ran out with a chair and the bullies scattered.  Larry D and David Tyler then challenged KYRON and Cardinal to a match at NWF DOMINANCE on 11/26!


Pompano Joe defeated Relentless Ron Mathis by punching him in the face with a chain while the referee was blinded by powder.  After the match, Jesse Hyde came down to tell the referee what happened.  Hyde will be the special guest referee when these two lock horns in November.


T-Money defeated Virus by DQ when Ice blatantly interfered.


Titan defeated Ice to earn his NWF Title show at NWF Dominance.


Tough Justice retained the NWF Tag Team Titles over Jay Donaldson and Justin Lane and the Every Day Players in a Halloween Massacre Match.